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Mark Kulek Live Stream – 5 | Asking For Help – Excuse me. Does this bus go downtown?

Today’s Live Stream is: Asking For Help. Today’s practice conversation is two people at a bus stop. One person is asking another person for help. This is the conversation: Excuse me. Does this bus go downtown? No, it goes uptown. Do you know which bus goes downtown? The next bus goes downtown. Thank you. You are welcome. Key words: Excuse me, bus, downtown, uptown, no. Pattern: Does this ___ go ___? Some other places to take a bus: the airport, school, the hotel, the train station. Mark also talked about these topics: public transportation, places people need to go, how to ask for help, situations for asking for help. Here are some other ways to start a conversation for asking for help: Do you know…?, I’m looking for…, Could your tell me..? Pardon me, How do I get to…? Sorry, can you tell me…? You can see this whiteboard at Mark’s Facebook Groups page: MarkKulek English Speaking Practice


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