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Vocabulary-Based Conversations, Book 1

This book presents vocabulary in context that fit into language patterns. Features 29 lessons and 165 key vocabulary items. Book 1 contains 4 units: Everyday English, At School, At Home and Around Town. Everyday English has 5 lessons: How Are You? (2 lessons), Days of The Week, The Weather and My Schedule. At School has 8 lessons: This and That, Naming School Items, Please Take Out Your…, Plural Form, Looking For School Items, Please Pass…/Can I Borrow…?, Actions /Time and School Subjects. At Home has 8 lessons: Saying Please, My Family, Household Items, Rooms, Placing Items to Rooms, Actions, Connecting Actions to Rooms and Connecting Family/Rooms/Actions. Around Town has 8 lessons: Let’s…, Naming Places, Things Found There, Occupations, People and Places, Actions, Modes of Transportation and Transportation/Places. Companion cards available where this book is sold.

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