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Vocabulary-Based Conversations, Book 2

This book presents vocabulary in context that fit into language patterns. Features 29 lessons and 165 key vocabulary items. Book 2 contains 4 units: Everyday English, Food and Drinks, Our Body and Clothing. Everyday English has 5 lessons: Feelings (2 lessons), Colors, The Weather and Months of The Year. Food and Drinks has 8 lessons: Drinks, At a Restaurant, Are You Hungry?, At a Supermarket, Need vs Want, Fruit and Vegetables. Our Body has 8 lessons: Actions, This is my…, This is my (cont.), These are my…, These are my…(cont.), Injuries, Our Senses and Aches and Pains. Clothing has 8 lessons: Clothing I Need, What is it?, What are they?, On  In  Under  By, Clothinge and Colors, Clothing and Weather, Clothing and Months and I’m Wearing … . Companion cards available where this book is sold.

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