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Mark Kulek Live Stream – 10 | Reading Activity – Fitness and Workouts | ESL

For this Live Stream, we will do a reading activity about 10 minute workouts that you can do at home. There are three worksheets: page one is preview and practice before the reading, page two is the reading and a word list that you will complete and page three is for to make a 6 day workout plan. Let’s do this! This should be fun 🙂 Thank you for joining me today.

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Mark Kulek Live Stream – 5 | Asking For Help – Excuse me. Does this bus go downtown?

Today’s Live Stream is: Asking For Help. Today’s practice conversation is two people at a bus stop. One person is asking another person for help. This is the conversation: Excuse me. Does this bus go downtown? No, it goes uptown. Do you know which bus goes downtown? The next bus goes downtown. Thank you. You are welcome. Key words: Excuse me, bus, downtown, uptown, no. Pattern: Does this ___ go ___? Some other places to take a bus: the airport, school, the hotel, the train station. Mark also talked about these topics: public transportation, places people need to go, how to ask for help, situations for asking for help. Here are some other ways to start a conversation for asking for help: Do you know…?, I’m looking for…, Could your tell me..? Pardon me, How do I get to…? Sorry, can you tell me…? You can see this whiteboard at Mark’s Facebook Groups page: MarkKulek English Speaking Practice


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10 Very Short Conversations | Set 1 | Easy English Conversation Practice

In this video, you will learn 10 short English conversations that will help your English speaking skills. You will also be able to practice speaking on your own. You will be able to role play or do both roles by yourself. This video is ideal for both in class study or self-study. Learning these simple short conversations will transfer to many different situations to help your English fluency.


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The Living Room | At Home Vocabulary | English Speaking Practice | ESL

In this video, you will learn vocabulary that relates to the living room. In the second part of this video you can practice the vocabulary by yourself. By doing this, you will improve your English fluency and will be able to speak English now.


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Small Talk | Set 1 | English Speaking Practice | ELL | ESL | EFL

Hello Everyone! In this video, you will learn 11 short simple conversations. These are conversations for everyday English. For example: “Good to see you.” “Good to see you, too.” In the second part of this video, you will practice speaking English on your own. This will help your fluency and English speaking skills.

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