English for Young Learners - Worksheets

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Small Talk Set 1

These worksheets accompany the video Small Talk | Emotional Conversations | Set 1. These worksheets contain four pages of activities. Some of the activities include pair work, matching, writing and discussions.

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Express Yourself Set 1

These worksheets accompany the video Express Yourself | Short Conversations | Set 1 | English Speaking Practice | ESL | EFL | ELL. It contains two pages for pair work activities, writing activities, matching activities, speaking practice and notebook writing.

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Colors and Food

Materials: flashcards. Colors: brown, white, orange, green, red, purple, yellow. Food: a hamburger, rice, a carrot, broccoli, an apple, grapes, corn, a sandwich. Language patterns: What More


Teaching teenagers can be the best and can be the worst. I have a few groups of teenagers that I teach at my English conversation school More