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Colors and Food

Materials: flashcards.
Colors: brown, white, orange, green, red, purple, yellow.
Food: a hamburger, rice, a carrot, broccoli, an apple, grapes, corn, a sandwich.

Language patterns: What color is it? It’s … | What is it? It’s … . | What are they? They are … . | What color is …? It’s … What color are … ? They are … .

Activity Goals: engage our students by having them tell the teacher what colors belong to which foods. Make this is a student-centered activity.

Procedure: first ask students to name the color cards by placing a card on the floor, one at a time. Then proceed with the food cards in the same way as you did for the color cards. Now that you have reviewed all the cards, challenge the student’s recall of these vocabulary items.
All cards should be out of sight for the students.
Ask your students what color a hamburger is, without letting them see the hamburger card (I hold the card against my chest so that they cannot see the card). The students will learn colors and the food that is being discussed.

In Conclusion: This is a simple activity that can be challenging and is fun for both the students and for the teacher. It also creates a nice safe environment where everyone is on the floor close to each other. I hope that you will give it a go and please tell me how it went for you.