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Why Use YouTube in Your Classroom?

For enjoyment: my students enjoy watching videos in class. Videos help illustrate a topic being discussed in class. As a teacher, YouTube has given me another tool to use in the classroom.

Watch the video before showing it to the class: make sure to screen videos before class. Perhaps, you have heard the stories of unexpected things that pop up in the middle of a video.

Be short and sweet: videos can be difficult for many learners. There’s a lot happening in a video and the students may not be able to understand. This will cause them to tune out. Don’t choose a video that is too long for your students.

Make a worksheet for the video: having a worksheet on hand will help bridge any confusion and lack of understanding. It will also present the video in a more professional manner and give your students a purpose for watching the video.

In conclusion: take the time to research videos that will work in your classroom. Give it a try and ask your students if they would like to see more videos in the future.